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Guest House


Rules and Regulations for allotment of Rooms



Arera Club is pleased to announce the opening of a Guest House with 8 AC rooms of the following capacity:

(a) Rooms with a double bed 6
(b) Rooms with twin beds 2


Room Reservation, allocation and occupation

Room reservations may be made only by Arera Club members (including spouses)1 for themselves or their guests, or by members of affiliated clubs for themselves only.
Room reservations may be made only online through the Club’s website. Members may do so without any advance payment, but affiliated club members need to pay the entire room rent amount in advance.
Members may not reserve more than 3 rooms for the same date(s). Affiliated club members may not reserve more than 1 room for the same date(s).
Room reservations may not be transferred in favour of another Club member or affiliated club member.
Each Corporate member shall designate, each year, one of its nominees using Club facilities to make reservations for the Corporate member. Other nominees would not be eligible to make reservations during that year.
Rooms will be allocated on a first cum first served basis subject to availability.
Guests of Club members will be required to provide a valid, Government issued photo ID. Affiliated club members will need to provide, in addition, a Letter of Introduction from their club and their parent club ID membership card. Foreign Nationals will be required to mandatorily produce passport as ID.
Room occupation shall be governed by check-in and check-out times.


Facilities for Guests

Resident guests may avail of all Club facilities (on prescribed charges where applicable). Where charges are applicable, these may be settled only through coupons issued by the Club against advance payment or credit/ debit card. No cash transactions are permitted.


Room Rent

For rooms reserved by Club members for themselves or for their guests, room rent shall be charged to the member’s account, and shall be payable only as a part of the member’s monthly bill.


Affiliated club members shall have paid their room rent in advance, as required by para 2 above.



Room Rents, shall be as follows:

Rs.2000/- for members, their spouse and dependent children (as defined in rule 16 & 17 of Arera Club Constitution).
Rs.2700/- for affiliated members and guest(s) of members.
Rs.500/- for an extra bed.




Room rents are inclusive of breakfast.
In case of more than one person occupying a room, an additional charge of Rs.200/- per person will be levied.
Above rates do not include applicable taxes.




Cancellation charges

More than 7 days notice no charge.
More than 3 (but less than 7) days: 50% of the applicable room rent.
Less than 3 days: 75% of the applicable room rate.


Check-in and Check-out time

Check-out 10:30am
Check-in 12 noon


Mode of payment for facilities availed

Room rent for Club members and their guests shall be charged to the concerned member’s account. It may not be settled by the guest in any manner. Affiliated club members will have paid the room rent in advance.

Payment for use of other Club facilities shall be through coupons to be procured by the guest from the Club reception.
Any other expenditure by the guest (e.g. laundry) must be settled at the time of check-out.
All guests may be advised in advance that the Club does not accept cash payments at any time.



There is currently no room service in the guest rooms. Guest will need to go to the coffee lounge/ restaurant / bar for availing these facilities.
Pets are not allowed in the rooms.
The occupants are advised to follow strict dress code while moving in the premises.
Safe deposit boxes are provided in each room. Club will not be responsible for any loss of personal belongings from the rooms.
Affiliated member may make a maximum of 10 bookings in a year.
Gambling or other illegal activities are strictly prohibited inside the rooms.
In the event of the occupying members refusal or failure to vacate the room on the prescribed day and time, the Hony. Secretary or the person authorized by him shall be at liberty and shall have full authority to get the room vacated.
Any damage caused to the property of the Club will be recovered from the sponsoring Club member / affiliated club guest.
Other than room occupants, no visitor is allowed to stay after 11.00pm in the room.
Meeting/ Press conferences or party shall not be allowed in the room.
Occupants are advised to ensure that their children do not cause any inconvenience to the other residents/members.
Occupants of room will be issued temporary ID card at the reception for his/her period of stay which can be utilized by them for use of all Club facilities.

All rights reserved with the Club Management. All disputes subject to Bhopal jurisdiction only.

The Club expects all guests to observe the decorum of the Club. Misdemeanor by guests of Club members shall be treated as a misdemeanor by the member, and may attract disciplinary action. Affiliated club guests may be banned from future use of the Club, and shall also be reported to the parent club.
  Hony. Secretary