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Rules & Regulation




(As amended in August, 2010)



The name of the club shall be ARERA CLUB, BHOPAL.


Aims and Objectives

2.The aims and objectives for which the Club is established are: -

(a) to afford to its members all the usual privileges, advantages, conveniences and accommodation for social and sporting purposes;

(b) to join, amalgamate or reciprocate, with any Club or association, whether incorporated or not, intended for the promotion of any object in which the Club is interested; and

(c) generally to do all such other things as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of the above aims and objectives.


Types of Membership

There shall be the following classes of members:-

(a) Government members: Class I officers of the State or Central Government (including the Armed Forces), or of wholly Government owned Public Sector Undertakings, whether serving or retired;

(b) Non-Government members;

(c) Corporate members: nominated by Corporate bodies that have acquired Corporate Membership of the Club. The eligibility of corporate bodies shall be determined by the Managing Committee from time to time; and

(d) Games members: Individuals who have held a National or MP State Ranking at any time in tennis, badminton, table-tennis, billiards or bridge or other games played in the Club.

(e) Tenure membership: Class I officers of Central Government or Central Public Sector Undertakings /Enterprises, Central Police Organizations, Para Military Forces, other State Governments/ Union Territories, on posting in Bhopal. The Tenure membership will be valid for a maximum of 5 years or till end of posting at Bhopal, whichever is earlier. Tenure members will have no voting power during General Body Meetings and such membership shall not be inheritable under Article


Election of members

4. (a) Every candidate for admission to the Club as a member must be proposed and seconded by members (except Games & Tenure members) on the membership form obtainable from the Club office. Provided that members on notice under Article 13, or subject to action under Article 33 shall not be entitled to propose or second candidates for membership.

(b) Both the proposer and the seconder shall, at the time of proposing a candidate, state in a separate letter, that the candidate is personally well-known to them and that they believe he will prove an acceptable member, at the same time giving the fullest information available to them concerning the candidate. Provided that applications for Corporate membership shall be submitted directly on the prescribed form and shall not require a proposer or a seconder.

(c) Names of candidates up for election shall be sent to each member of the Managing Committee formed under Article 18 infra, ordinarily seven days before the date of the meeting, and be pasted in a conspicuous place in the Club House for at least 14 days before such meeting. In case a candidate was previously proposed for election but was not elected, this fact shall be stated in the said notice to the members of the committee.

(d) The election of a member shall be by six affirmative votes of the committee.

(e) Pending the result of his/ her application a candidate may, with the approval of the Managing Committee, be entitled to make use of the Club and its amenities as a member, the proposer being liable in the event of his/ her not becoming a member, for any charges incurred.

(f) If the candidate is not elected, the fact shall be recorded upon the membership application form and the Honorary Secretary of the Club shall inform the proposer of the candidate's non-election. The name of any candidate who has been rejected or withdrawn from election shall not again be proposed for admission to the Club until after the expiration of six months from the date of the first vote, unless permission be given by a general meeting specially convened for the purpose. If a candidate is not elected at the second vote he/ she shall not again be proposed for admission to the Club for two years from the date of the second vote, and so on for any successive votes.

(g) If the candidate is elected, the Honorary Secretary shall notify him/ her of the election and shall send him/ her a copy of the constitution and bye-laws of the Club together with a bill for the amount of subscription and entrance donation, if any, due. On acceptance of these documents the candidate shall become a member of the Club and will be bound by its constitution and any other regulations in force in the Club. The new member can begin using the Club facilities once the initial bill is paid in full.

(h) The Managing Committee may invite an applicant for an interview, before he/she is considered for membership of the Club.


Entrance Donation

5.Entrance donation for various categories of members shall be decided by the Managing Committee and may be reviewed as and when deemed appropriate by it.


Monthly Subscription

6. (a) The monthly subscription, and the monthly charges for games or other facilities shall be determined by the Managing Committee and may be reviewed periodically.

(b) A Government member who is absent from Bhopal on a posting shall be regarded as temporarily absent, and during such absence shall, provided he has given notice in writing to the Honorary Secretary, be charged half the normal monthly subscription, and shall not be charged any other subscription for games etc. If such notice is not given the member shall be charged full subscription unless the committee is satisfied that there are sufficient grounds to condone the failure to give notice. Also, if his/her dependent family members wish to continue to use the Club facilities, normal monthly charges shall be levied.


Resignation from membership

7. A member may resign membership of the Club without assigning any reason, through written intimation to the Honorary Secretary. The resignation shall be effective from the date when all payable dues have been settled in full by the member.

8. A member who has resigned from the Club shall not be re-admitted without a fresh election and without payment of any debts that may be outstanding against him. Applications for re-admission shall be treated as applications for new membership in the appropriate category.


Inherited membership

9. In the unfortunate event of the expiry of a member in good standing, the surviving spouse, if any, shall be entitled to inherit the membership in the same category as the late member, by a simple application to this effect to the Honorary Secretary. There shall be no extra charge by way of entrance donation or in any other manner. Spouses inheriting such membership shall also assume responsibility for clearing any Club dues the deceased may not have cleared. Dependents of the deceased member may continue to enjoy Club facilities as before, once the surviving parent has been granted inherited membership.

10. Provided that this privilege will not be available to the spouses of Games members. Provided further that no other family member of a deceased member will be eligible to inherit membership, though dependents of the deceased member may continue to use Club facilities once the spouse has applied for and been granted membership by inheritance.



11. The Club is open to any guest introduced by a member who shall enter his/ her own name and that of his guest in a book kept for the purpose and be responsible for the observance of the constitution and bye-laws by the guest. Charges for guests, including charges for specific activities, and the maximum number of days in a month for which the same guest can be entertained in the Club shall be determined from time to time by the Managing Committee. All charges related to a guest shall be payable by the member concerned. Provided that a person who has failed to secure election to the membership of the Club shall not be admitted into the Club premises as a guest.


Subscription etc. when due

12. Monthly subscription, including charges for games or other facilities shall be payable by the 10th of the succeeding month. Members will be responsible for collecting their monthly bills from the Club office, and non-receipt of bills shall not be an acceptable reason for late payment of monthly dues.

12.(a)Use of the Club: Each member shall make a minimum expenditure of Rs.3000/- per year (exclusive of tax, staff incentive and building surcharge), in addition to the monthly subscription. The beginning of the year, for this purpose, shall be decided by the Managing Committee. Expenditure by a member/ spouse/ authorized dependents shall all be eligible for inclusion in the minimum prescribed expenditure. Members falling short of the prescribed minimum expenditure may make good the shortfall by an equivalent donation to the Club. If the shortfall is not made good by the 10th of the month following the end of the year specified for this purpose, such shortfall shall be treated as 'overdue' under Article 13.

Provided that the minimum expenditure condition shall not apply to members in the Government category posted out of Bhopal and claiming outstation status with notification to the Club, during the period of such status.

13. All amounts not paid by the 10th shall be considered 'overdue' and will be liable to be charged interest at rates to be determined by the Managing Committee. Provided that if overdues against a member exceed Rs.2500/-, he/she will be served a notice requesting settlement of the amount within 15 days. If the member fails to settle his/her dues in this period, a second notice will be issued informing the member that his/her membership shall stand terminated if the dues are not fully settled within 30 days of receipt of the notice. During the pendency of this second notice, the member shall lose his/her privilege to obtain any refreshments/services from the Club on credit.

14. Membership shall stand terminated on expiry of the 30 day period provided by Article 13 above if all amounts due have not been settled in full. Information about such termination shall be posted at a prominent place in the Club, and shall be placed before the Managing Committee at its next meeting for information.

15.A member may represent to the Managing Committee against termination of membership under Article 14, and if the Committee is convinced that the reasons for delay in payment are reasonable, it may order restoration of membership upon full payment of the overdues and interest accrued if any.


Spouse and Dependants

16. A member's spouse, and dependant sons/unmarried daughters less than 25 years of age shall be entitled to the use of Club facilities in the same manner as the member, subject to legal age restrictions (e.g. for serving of alcohol) or other age restrictions imposed by the Managing Committee (e.g. in the bar area or Card Room).

17. Children shall cease to be dependants for purposes of Article 16 if a) they are financially independent of the member, or b) in the case of sons, on attainment of the age of 25, or c) in the case of daughters, on attainment of the age of 25 or marriage, whichever is earlier. Children so ceasing to be dependants will be required to apply for membership in the category applicable to them, in case they are so interested.

Managing Committee

18. The affairs of the Club shall be managed by a Managing Committee consisting of the following:

the President of the Club;

nine members, of whom at least 6 shall be Government members, appointed under Article 22 of the Constitution; and

the Hony. Secretary.

19.Members in the Games and Tenure category shall not be eligible to be on the Managing Committee, and Corporate members of the Club may each nominate only one of their nominees to be a candidate for the Managing Committee. Members under notice under Article 13, or those in receipt of notices under Article 33 shall not be eligible to be candidates for the Managing Committee.

20. The Managing Committee shall be constituted at the Annual General Meeting (AGM). The Honorary Secretary shall inform each member of the date of the next AGM in which a new Managing Committee is to be constituted, at least 45 days before the date of the meeting, and shall have this notice displayed also on the Club's notice board. The notice shall request members to inform the Honorary Secretary, in writing, of their intention to serve on the Managing Committee, not later than 15 days prior to the date of the AGM. A list of members so notifying the Honorary Secretary shall be displayed at a prominent place in the Club during the 15 days prior to the AGM.

21. At the AGM, the Honorary Secretary shall announce the list of intending candidates, separately for Government members and other members. Members may then withdraw their candidature, if they so wish, for the Managing Committee.

22. The President shall appoint nine members of the Managing Committee, in accordance with Article 18, from the list of candidates prepared under Article 21.

23. Should a vacancy occur on the Managing Committee at any time during the tenure of its office, it may be filled up by nomination by the remaining members, subject to the name of such nominated member being previously notified on the Club notice board for a fortnight.



24. The Chief Secretary of the Government of Madhya Pradesh shall be ex-officio President of the Club.


Working President

25. The President may appoint a Working President from among the members of the Managing Committee. The Working President, if appointed, will be authorized to Chair meetings of the Managing Committee in the absence of the President, and to undertake such other responsibilities as the President may assign to him/ her.


Honorary Secretary

26. The President shall appoint an Honorary Secretary and may appoint one or more Joint Secretaries from among the members of the Club.

The Honorary Secretary shall also be the Treasurer and the Chief Executive Officer of the Club and shall be responsible for operating the accounts of the Club and authorizing all routine expenditure related to the Club. All expenditure of an extraordinary nature shall be referred for approval of the Managing Committee. The Honorary Secretary shall convene meetings of the Managing Committee at the convenience of the President or the Working President and record the proceedings at all committee and general meetings in a minute book kept for the purpose. These shall be read at the next following meeting and shall be signed by the President/ Working President as having been correctly recorded.

27. The Honorary Secretary shall be responsible for the accurate maintenance of accounts of all sums of money received and expended by the Club and of the assets, credit and liabilities of the Club, for the timely audit of accounts and for the presentation of audited annual accounts to the Managing Committee.

28. The Honorary Secretary shall be responsible for supervising all staff engaged by the Club and for ensuring efficient service by them. He/she shall also ensure the maintenance of the Club's property and its proper and clean upkeep.


General Meetings

29. (a) A General Meeting of all the members of the Club shall be convened once a year, ordinarily in the month of June. Fifteen days clear notice shall be given for the meeting specifying the place, date and hour of the meeting and the nature of the business to be transacted there at and such notice shall be posted in a conspicuous place in the Club and sent in writing to all members. Audited accounts of the Club for the previous year shall be circulated at least 15 days before the date of the meeting.

(b) Extraordinary general meetings may be convened by the Managing Committee whenever they are deemed expedient, or on the written requisition of not less than ten members. Such requisition shall specify the objectives of the meeting.


Conduct of Business in General Meetings

30. (a)The President of the Committee shall preside at every general meeting of the Club. In his absence, or in case of his unwillingness to preside, the members present shall appoint a President for the meeting.

(b) Questions before a general meeting shall be decided by a show of hands. If at least three members so desire, or at his own discretion, the President shall direct that the question be decided by a vote.

(c) Each member of the government and non-government category shall be entitled to one vote at a general meeting, and Corporate bodies members of the Club shall have one vote each regardless of the number of their nominees. Votes may be given personally only.

(d) No resolution shall be moved at any general meeting of which at least four clear days notice has not been given to the Honorary Secretary. The Secretary shall post such notice at a prominent place in the Club.



31. The Managing Committee may frame such bye-laws as it considers necessary for regulating the business to be transacted by it and for the running of the Club and may at any time modify or cancel them. The bye-laws framed by the Managing Committee and any amendments made in the bye-laws already approved by the general meeting shall be placed before the next general meeting for information.


Arrangement of funds

32. The Club may arrange funds by away of donations from individuals or institutions and loans from Banks/Financial Institutions against security by way of mortgage of its immovable assets and/ or pledge/ hypothecation of its movable properties.


Suspension/cancellation of membership

33. (a) Should any member have cause of complaint against any other member, he/ she may bring the matter to the notice of the Managing Committee. Should the conduct complained of be considered by the Managing Committee, after due inquiry, to be prejudicial to the character or interests of the Club, it shall seek an explanation from the member complained against and may suspend the offending member pending a final decision.

(b) If the member complained against does not explain his/ her conduct to the satisfaction of the Managing Committee, he/ she shall be called upon to resign. Should the member so called upon not resign within a week, his/ her name shall be struck from the books of the Club.


Assets and liabilities in the event of the winding up of the Club

34. (a) Every member of the Club, except Games & Tenure members shall be liable to contribute to the assets of the Club in the event of its being wound up during the time he/ she is a member, or within one year afterwards, for payment of the debts and liabilities, if any, contracted before the date he/ she ceased to be a member and of the costs, charges and expenses of winding up the Club, such amount as may be required, but not exceeding Rs. 5000.

(b) If upon the winding up or dissolution of the Club, there remains after the satisfaction of all debts and liabilities any property not including immoveable property fitting and fittings and fixtures which are a part of the property leased by the State Government to the Club. The same shall be paid to or distributed among the members of the Club, other than Games & Tenure members, in equal shares.


Maintenance and Audit of Accounts

35. (a) The books of accounts of the Club shall be open to inspection by any member of the Managing Committee which shall, from time to time, determine whether and to what extent and at what times and places and under what conditions, the accounts and books of the Club or any of them, shall be open to inspection by other members of the Club.

(b) Auditor or Auditors shall be appointed by the Club at the ordinary general meeting in each year. If any casual vacancy occurs in the office of the auditor the committee shall forthwith fill it. Such appointments will be subject to confirmation at the next general meeting.

(c) Auditors shall audit the accounts of the Club at least once every year. These accounts and report of the auditors shall be placed before the ordinary general meeting, after approval and consideration by the Managing Committee.


Amendment of the Constitution

36. Any provision of the constitution may be amended by a two-third majority of those present and voting at a general meeting. An alteration once made in the constitution shall not be discussed at any subsequent meeting until after the expiration of six months, except upon requisition by the committee. Provided that Article 24 of the constitution shall not be subject to amendment through this process.



37. Notwithstanding anything contained in the constitution any steps taken prior to the formation of this Club with a view to the formation of the Club, shall be deemed to be valid and duly approved by the general meeting of the Club.